Inspired and formed in 2011, Greene Street NYC is a resident clean art project that aims to challenge and reshape the street art landscape.

We have been successfully funded through KickStarter to realize our vision and dreams. To learn more click here


This project was born from a fascination with REVERSE GRAFFITI and it's fun innovative way of creating clean art. This led to a search for the perfect wall for this type of art to manifest itself for everyone to see. On the corner of 60 MacDougal facing Houston street stands the wall we have been so excited and proud to call the future home of our clean art movement.

We are a team of three collaborating together.
We are SPƎNGLISH (ñ) a happiness habilitator lifestyle brand,
Chris Choi an emerging artist and Veronica Menendez a lover of all things clean and greene. We are called Greene Street NYC and we are a Clean Art movement using REVERSE GRAFFITI.


Veronica Menendez

Co-founder, Art Director,
Project Manager.

Chris Choi



Co-founder and
Happiness Habilitator

Alternative visuals for the everyday interaction of curiosity

We love art and our world so we make every step, to achieve your interaction, a responsible one

We are "Greene"


If you are interested in learning more about our clean art through reverse graffiti initiative, please write us!